Singing Telegrams from Blueprint!


Emails are fast, comprehensive...and boring.
Postal mail is classic, classy...and slow.
Tweets are quick, simple...and uninspired.
Send a person a message in a truly special way:

Blueprint Singing Telegrams!

For any occasion — birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just a surprise greeting —
Blueprint has special melodies that are just right for your message!

And... as a non-profit, we have the affordable prices to match!

Here is our Basic Menu.
For more singers, more coordination is required, so the per singer cost increases)
For a more comprehensive one, including telegram items
and accessories, click here (or click on the Basic Menu below).

If you have any questions, email us by filling out the electronic contact form here.

When you're ready to schedule your singing telegram right now, fill out the form below!
If your telegram is extremely urgent or if you'd just simply rather talk to a staffer,
don't hesistate to call us directly at 503-22-BEATI (503-222-3284)!

(**please note to make sure that the event happens during the timeframe you list at the location provided;
while we do not take a deposit, we do require a 45%-of-total charge if the Singers arrive
at the predetermined location and the event is not occurring, or if a wait of over 10 minutes is required. This is to compensate for time/travel. A 20% fee also occurs for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance)
(**additional cost for areas outside of Portland)
(**also covered by the buyer but not listed on the menu include taxes/fees/surcharges)

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