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Alissa Deeter
Coordinator of Educational Programming

Doug Salyers
Chief Visionary Officer

Teresa Salazar
Communications Manager

Charles Copeland
Niki Farley
Carrie Robinson
Staff Pianists

Jen McMillen
Lyn Salyers
Associate Conductors

Jeremy R. Ellison
Allie Gilbertson
Caoimhe (Cassie) Kavanagh
Lexi Roderick
Tori Salters
Associate Conductors (Adjunct)

Kaylie Flanagan
Deputy Personnel Officer

Alexander Solberg
Organizational Assistance Lead

Summer Thorsten
Chief Technical Officer
and Team Lead, Empire Team

Emily Freeman
Rachel Coretti
Deputy Team Leads,
Empire Team


Clarissa Halvorsen
Chief Communications Officer
and Team Lead, West Lake Team

Kaelyn Davis

Katie Snyder
Deputy Team Leads,
West Lake Team


Jessica Schneider
Chief Information Officer
and Team Lead, Capitola Team

Chelsea Dorian
Shay Cooper
Deputy Team Leads,
Capitola Team

Empire Team


Westlake Team


Capitola Team

Nicholas Avers

Lily Eberling

Maddie Palmer
Abigail Pettersen
David Randolph
Keeley Stantwell
Cali Swenson


Lacey Burgan
Matt Carlson
Sam Erickson
Kendra Holter
Michelle Morton
Kassidy Taylor


Isolde Cramer
Caylie Geiger
Ashley Milton
Cara Rowell
Tessa Schaefer
Sarah Trousdale
Michaela Wells