Kaylie Flanagan
Deputy Personnel Officer

A graduate of Columbia University, Flanagan has utilized her skills to command and assist organizations in four countries. With a wide range of training in skill analysis and working with personnel, she contributes to the down-to-earth feel of Beati by combining the vital steadiness and stability with the down-home friendliness of the Midwest countryside where she was raised. Flanagan also has a great deal of experience with arts companies, including music and theatre organizations, and she has a great love for working with and for such groups. A trained dancer and singer, she also brings a great deal of knowledge on musicians, performance, and artists in general. Currently based in Honolulu, Flanagan continues to broaden her skill sets to help the organization progress. As Deputy Personnel Officer, she is tasked with much of the initial contact with new singers, as well as the personnel development and advancement of ensembles.