How to Join a Blueprint Adult Vocal Ensemble

(for Youth Ensembles, see bottom of the page)

Blueprint's vocal wing is always seeking singers of all voice parts and all exprience levels for its ensembles!


General Rehearsal Information

• Location: Blueprint ensembles rehearse out of the inner Northeast Portland area (within walking distance of Lloyd Center).

• Day/Time: Each Blueprint ensemble rehearses once a week; the time and day of rehearsals depends on the ensemble one participates in. (** Every ensemble performs, of course, and in at least five shows a year!)

• Repertoire: Many of our ensembles follow the Blueprint philosophy of singing different genres. Some place slightly more focus on one genre/stype. (** Also, Singers' input are included in repertoire selection.)

Choose What Best Fits You

We have groups of varying types, genres, and experience levels, we are able to have both audition and non-audition options! A primary goal of the Blueprint is to provide singers with the best experience possible, and we look to create a comfortable environment for each musician.

Which ensemble a Singer joins will depend on numerous factors, including genre, scheduling, background, and roster space.

        • Hate the pressure of auditioning?  No worries!  You don't have to do one!   (Just click here!)
        • Love auditioning?  Fantastic!  Let's get one set up!   (Do it here!)

Blueprint ensembles are not classes or anything in that realm. They are individually-rehearsed ensembles that members commit to and work with, each towards a common performance goal. We're looking for that commitment!