The day of celebration for our First Annual Golfathon was on
May 18, 2019, and it raised $15,000.

It was our best fundraiser ever!!

We want to thank the following individuals who worked hard and raised funds for the cause!

Julia Ayles
Amy Burkard
Kathy Freeman-Hastings
Nadia Mannai
Kaitlynn McLoud
Emily Moher
Wendelin Mueller
Robin Quon
Teresa Salazar
Hollie Schultz
Brad Carlson
Brad Huit
Josh Loebig
Doug Salyers

Special BIG thanks to Art Quon, our Player Captain. Other thanks go to our consultants, Rick Hoggan and Jerry Stevens, at ProFund Fundraising Solutions!

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If you want to join us next year or have questions about this fundraiser,
contact Arthur or AJ at 503.222.3284 or