Caroling from Blueprint!


Looking for the same old ho-hum carolers with the same ho-hum carol arrangements?
Or how about antiquated, drab, and uninspired?

Well, apologies... our carolers are none of those things!

When it's wintertime, nothing beats having a group of Blueprint carolers around!
Whether it be at a party, a specific location, or just for the simple joy of the holidays, we always bring enthusiasm and fun
(and terrific vocal harmony, of course) to each place we carol at!

For more information or to ask for our Caroling Menu, give us a call directly at 503-222-3284 or email us here!

Or...if you're ready to schedule carolers right now, fill out the form below!
If your event is extremely urgent or if you'd just simply rather talk to a staffer,
don't hesitate to call us directly at 503-22-BEATI (503-222-3284)!

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