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Blueprint is a multi-faceted organization, and there are few events that we don't have repertoire for!
Parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, providing backdrop music — anything goes!

Requests for performances from any of our groups can be made by filling out the form below.

Other examples of Blueprint Singers' booking availabilities include
singing telegrams, caroling, weddings and national anthems, which are outlined below.

Singing Telegrams

Want to send someone a unique and special message?
We will send your requested number of singers to the person of your choice to deliver it for you...Blueprint-style!
Numerous melodies available for the message of your choice!
Click here for more information!


National Anthems

Looking for a national anthem to kick-off your event?
Blueprint has unique versions of The Star-Spangled Banner,
O Canada, and Advance Australia Fair, among others,
in any desirable format: all-female, all-male, or mixed).
Click here for more information!


When it's wintertime, nothing beats having a group of Blueprint carolers around! Whether it be at a party, a specific location, or just for the simple joy of the holidays, we always bring enthusiasm and fun (and terrific vocal harmony, of course) to each place we carol at!
For more information or if you're ready to book Carolers now,
click here!


Weddings, Parties, Etcetera

Want to make your wedding or party extra special? Have a Blueprint ensemble sing for your big day! Whether it's a touch of the old school or a spin of the new, we add a fresh taste to any get-together, and can help provide dinstinction from any average ceremony one has seen before.
For more information or to ask for our Wedding Menu, give us a call directly at 503-222-3284 or email us here!

We're not just limited to those events and items! If you have any other occasions that you would like us to sing at, just ask!


Wondering if we're a good fit for your event, or have other questions about requesting a Blueprint appearance?
Email Delinda Wright, Executive Assistant, by filling out the electronic contact form here.

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