About the Blueprint Organization

Inspired and driven by a philosophy rooted in harmonic fusion, musical versatility, and ensemble unity, Blueprint strives for perpetual progression as vocal ensembles through the outstanding study and performance of works, both new and old. Each intentionally-small ensemble under the Blueprint shield is highlighted by the combination of cohesiveness and fusion found in a smaller, tighter-knit group of musicians and the power and strength of a larger ensemble. The uniqueness of the groups within the organization stems from the diverse and distinct blend of repertoire they present, adaptive style, and solidarity in technique, as well as the amalgam of singers and musicians they retain. The ensembles present concerts, premiere new works, and work with other ensembles and local artists, among other things.

Blueprint provides a distinctive musical environment and is influenced by numerous sources. Each performance features a large variety of genres, including time-honored classics as well as contemporary selections. From the shimmering purity of 16th-century polyphony to the complex harmonies of jazz to the stylistic rhythms of contemporary sound, the repertoire of each group is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of eras and styles.

Coming from an assortment of musical backgrounds, singers and musicians share a common bond in devotion to musical excellence in choral music through performance, artistic collaboration, outreach, and community partnerships. Infused with a commitment to quality, inspiration, and education, the musicians in Blueprint work to foster a vibrant and diverse choral community, enlighten both our singers and our audiences, and extend our reach to both the young and the old. Excellence is pursued in all aspects of the organization, and it seeks to develop both musicianship and fellowship on a foundation of unity, respect, and professionalism.

Mission and Philosophy

Blueprint looks to expand the profile of music — choral and instrumental — in the Portland area, and the organization believes that in order to truly move towards that, the medium must be accessible to all. For that reason, Blueprint strives to provide complete access to those who want to see and hear music in the choral and instrumental realms regardless of any factors or circumstances, economic or otherwise.

In that same arena, the organization endeavors to provide that same accessibility to those who desire to be a part of the organization, no matter what background, training, or experience, from those just starting out to those with a great deal of proficiency. The organization is not grassroots-based; it is member-driven, meaning that our musicians and Singers are the primary source of both the success and the sustainability of Blueprint. An independent organization, Blueprint has no societal or religious affiliations.

The Blueprint philosophy stems from the desire to shift away from the "large ensemble/choir" model that is customary throughout the music world, and the organization provides opportunities for that same organized and committed model, but within small ensembles. The ideology of this model offers greater unity; within a smaller ensemble, no one gets lost in the crowd, and there is more cohesion and chemistry amongst the entire group.

There are also occasions where Blueprint musicians get a taste of performing with a larger group, as well. Blueprint ensembles perform in what the organization calls "festival style:" at shows, there are numerous ensembles, and during that concert, each group performs numbers on their own, as well as with the other ensembles.