About Blueprint's Adult Ensembles

Blueprint strives to allow musicians to progress at both a comfortable and significant rate, and the organization looks to provide a lower-pressure environment. To accomplish this, singers of comparable experience and skill grouped together, and the repertoire chosen is done so with each groups' personnel in mind. Singers will also have chances to work with others who are at different points in their development.  

Singers are offered the opporunity to audition (if they are comfortable doing so), or they may choose to simply sign up and join! Blueprint has numerous groups, each with some level of difference from the others, and therefore it is much easier to match a singer with an ensemble that will fit him/her well. As such, Blueprint's groups have no specific age or experience requirements, with the most important thing being having a love of music and singing, as well as a strong sense of commitment!



Facets like song context, emotion, and technique are emphasized in each group, as well as a strong emphasis ensemble singing (versus soloistic singing). Also, one aim is for singers to get at least a piece of something they would like to sing; many pieces are selected directly from singer suggestions! In addition, our organization is one of the few that runs year-round, with each calendar year is split into four subseasons of about 12-or-so weeks and, because of this, singers have opportunities to join at several points during the year.


Currently, Blueprint ensembles rehearse out of the inner Northeast Portland area. Each Blueprint ensemble rehearses one evening each week; as there are numerous ensembles, the time and day of rehearsals depends on the ensemble one participates in.
The heart of all Blueprint groups center around philosophies based on solid harmonies, technique, and the ability to adapt based on type and style, and as well as a strong commitment to teamwork. For more on the the adult ensembles, meet them here!