RECENT LINEUPS INCLUDE:   Beati Quorum Via (Stanford)    •    Hallelujah (Cohen)    •    The New World (Brown)    •    Revolution (Lennon/McCartney)    •    Song for Athene (Tavener)    •    Viva La Vida (Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin)    •    The Flagmaker, 1775 (Brown)    •    Hero (Carey/Afanasieff)    •    Madam Jeanette (Murray)    •    Saga of Jenny (Weill)    •    Silver Swan (Gibbons)    •    White Waves (Chilcott)    •    Desperado (Henley/Frey)    •    Immortal (Fetrow)    •    MLK (U2)    •    Phil the Fluter's Ball (French)    •    Rytmus (Hrusovsky)    •    Sir Duke (Wonder)    •    The Argument (Nesta)    •    Falling Slowly (Hansard/Irglova)    •    God Only Knows (Wilson)    •    The Great Peace March (Near)    •    I Will (Lennon/McCartney)    •    Irish Lullaby (Shannon)    •    It's Oh So Quiet (Lang/Reisfeld/Meder)    •    Music Down In My Soul (arr. Hogan)    •    The Sound of Silence (Simon)    •    Advent Motet, First Movement - O How Shall I Receive Thee (Schreck, arr. O.C. Christiansen)    •    Advent Motet, Second Movement - Entrance Scene: Lord Hosanna (Schreck, arr. O.C. Christiansen)    •    Betelehemu (African Folk Tune)    •    Lux Aurumque (Whitacre)    •    Snowfall (Thornhill)    •    A Stable-Lamp is Lighted (Conte)    •    Christmas Pipes (Graham)    •    Nunc Dimittis (Clausen)    •    O Holy Night (Adam)    •    Winter Fire and Ice (Graham, arr. Emerson)    •    Candlelight Carol (Rutter)    •    Christmas Lullaby (Brown)    •    Coventry Carol (Traditional)    •    Surabaya-Santa (Brown)    •    Where Are You Christmas? (Carey/Horner/Jennings)    •    Alleluia (Manuel)    •    Bogorodiste Devo (Rachmaninoff)    •    Ecco Mormorar L'onde (Monteverdi)    •    Entrance Scene: Lord Hosanna - Advent Motet (Schreck, arr. O.C. Christiansen)    •    Hide and See (Heap, arr. Womack)    •    Hosanna to the Son of David (Gibbons)    •    Immortal (Fetrow)    •    MLK (U2, arr. Chilcott)    •    O Sapo (arr. Hatfield)    •    Ocean of Peace (Johnson)    •    Remember When It Rained (Mouquet/Groban)    •    The River Won't Flow (Brown)    •    Sure on this Shining Night (Lauridsen)    •    Water Night (Whitacre)    •    And So It Goes (Joel, arr. Shaw)    •    Blue Bayou (Orbison/Melson)    •    Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon)    •    Chorus of Peasant Girls (Tchaikovsky)    •    Cry Me a River (Hamilton)    •    Down to the River to Pray (Traditional)    •    The Flagmaker, 1775 (Brown)    •    Hero (Carey)    •    Jordan's Angels (Dilworth)    •    Kali's Song (Donnelly, arr. Patriquin)    •    Nicolia (Langley)    •    This Little Babe (Britten)    •    Through the Rain (Carey/Cole)    •    Umbrella (Carter/Harrell/Stewart/Nash)    •    What You Don't Know About Women (Sebastian)    •    White Waves on the Water (Chilcott)

Blueprint Ensemble Arts and Theatre Initiative (BEATI) is a Portland-based performing arts and choral organization with numerous ensembles under its banner, each rooted in a philosophy focused on harmonic fusion, musical versatility, and ensemble unity. Each group within the organization strives to inspire, enrich, and educate through the outstanding study and performance of choral and other works.
The organization strives to expand the profile and appreciation of music and the performing arts in the Portland area, and looks to help bring the medium to the forefront. Blueprint believes that in order for both choral and instrumental music to thrive, it must be accessible to all.
As such, Blueprint looks to provide complete access for all people who desire to hear great choral and instrumental music, as well those who want to rehearse and perform in a group setting. To serve as many singers and musicians as possible — from those just starting out to those with a great deal of proficiency and training — the organization has ensembles that
fit all levels, backgrounds, and experience types.

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